Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Damier Mar Libone PM Brown N41215 Women's Dumie Campbus Handbags AB Rank Used Silgrin

Article number: 800000091233000

¥104,500 (税込)
A stylish "Mar Libone" with a popular Damierline.
Body-friendly that pursues lightness and ease of use,
Damie pattern and elegant shape are attractive.
In addition, when the sewn snap button is removed, the storage capacity will be further improved!

Value price 195480 yen
Model number N41215
Serial SR1113
size Width: about 27.5 cm (bottom) height: about 26 cm depth: about 13 cm shoulder: about 49 cm
accessories None
color Brown
Material Damie canvas
Explanation Pocket 1: Open Pocket 2
Pocket 2: Fastener Pocket 1
State rank
Used AB
Good degree. Common second-hand goods are the feeling of use, scratches, dirt, etc., but it is a good product.
Exterior state There is a feeling of use such as broken bracket, broken hand and tear.
Interior There are some threads and dirt.

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