Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Monogram Idir Speedy Bund Leather 30 2 Way Besan M56702 Unisex Canvas Leather Hand Bag B Rank Used Sinkjo

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¥99,000 (税込)

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Monogram Idil's elegant 2way bag speedy band reiere.
It is originally made as a back for travel, and the interior is a simple design without extra decoration,
It is possible to pack luggage in a lot of 30 sizes!
As shoulder straps are included, it is very useful as a shoulder.

Comparative price 168480 yen
Model number M56702
Cereal TR4180
size Width: about 30 cm (bottom) height: about 21 cm Depth: Approximately 17cm Shoulder: about 120 cm (Max)
accessories shoulder strap
colour Buzan
material Canvas leather
explanation Opening and closing ceremony: Double fastener pocket 1: Open pocket 2
State rank
Used B
General public use. It is a product with damage such as scratches and dirt which is a so-called second-hand goods.
Exterior state Sudden, dirty, tricks, faded, dirt, and color baldness and feeling of use, good feeling and shoulder.
Interior Sure, dirt, discoloration, and yolle.
※ We will be a bit stronger like lifestyle odor and dust.
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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