Hermes Hermes Burkin 40 Gold Silver Bracket Z Engraved (around 2021) Unisex Togo Handbag Unused Silgrin

Article number: 800000096253000

¥2,200,000 (税込)
Large size 40 is the storage capacity ◎
If you are usually overwhelming, there are overwhelming support, and there are many people who have men!
We will match various scenes such as daily use but also business scenes.

Stamp Z-engraved (around 2021)
size Width: about 40 cm depth: about 20 cm
accessories Box, Save Bag, Cadena, Crochat (Koggy), Rainy
colour Gold × Silver bracket
material Toos
explanation Inside Pocket 1: Open Pocket 1
Inside Pocket 2: Fastener Pocket 1
State rank
Unused NS
unused. It is an exhibition unused item that does not use it and has not stand out and noticeable scratches and threads.
Exterior state There is a slight dirt, but it is an unused item that does not stand out.
As we are selling over-the-counter, please consider the exhibition unused item.
Interior -
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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