HERMES エルメスボリード47 ルージュアッシュ ○W刻印 ゴールド金具 レディース フィヨルド ハンドバッグ 中古

商品番号: 800000078449000

¥199,999 (税込)

型番 ○W刻印(1993年頃)
サイズ 約W44(底面)×H35×D24cm
付属品 カデナ クロシェット(カギ付)
素材 フィヨルド
中古品 B

外装状態 たたみクセ・スレ・薄汚れ・少々ヨレがあり、持ち手・ファスナープル・金具部分に使用感がございます。
内装 ヨレ、少々スレや汚れがございます。

サイズ 幅:約 47cm ペン先:約 Boreed is characterized by a rounded form in the mouth of a few zipper type of Hermes.
It has been loved by a wide range of generations for a long time with simplicity that can be used in both daily and formal situations.
This is a big 47 size! There is storage capacity that can be used not only for those who usually have a lot of luggage but also for traveling.
Since it is quite a small size even in our shop, please consider as soon as possible

Model number ○ W stamped (circa 1993)
size W44 (Bottom) xH35xD9.4 "
accessories Cadena Clochette (with key)
Material Fjord
color Rouge Ash x Gold Hardware
State rank
Second-hand goods B
General used. It is a so-called second-hand product that has some damage such as Scratch and Stain.
Exterior condition There are tatami, habit, rubbed, minor stain, a little twist, and there is a feeling of use in the handle, fastener pull, and the hardware part.
Interior Yore, there are a few Rubbed and Stain.
※ There is a smell like dust.
※ There are lines unique to natural materials.
素材 フィヨルド
中古品 B
外装状態 -
内装 -

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