We are verifying that there are a number of fake sites disguised as IBM.
It may be a site that sells copy products, etc., and may be affected by fraud.
Please be careful not to view or purchase it in order to prevent damage from the crime.

If you have discovered such a site, please contact us.
[TEL] 03-6457-6479
[MAIL] h-toiawase@ginzo.jp

Characteristics of the fake site

  • The goods are sold at very low prices.(Eighty Percentiles, etc.)
  • The product will be sent as overseas mail, such as EMS (international speed mail).
  • The email address of the contact is free and available for free.
  • The name of the bank account is the name of the foreign national.
  • The expression in Japanese is unnatural.(For example, 'Shipping shall be free of three days or five days.')
  • Note: Not all of these are false sites.

in order not to be affected by the damage

  • Check the seller name, etc. to see the seller name, etc., and check whether it is a regular sales site, by looking at the seller name, etc., by looking at the seller name, etc. of the company, and so on, and confirming whether the account name is matched by the name of the customer.
  • Before purchasing a product, consider making sure that a regular supplier is operating, such as by calling the contacts listed on the shopping site.
  • Deploy the latest anti-virus software pattern file and do not purchase it from sites that are viewed as hazardous sites.
  • The Consumer Affairs Agency's website also contains information about the sales of copycat products, so please refer to this as a reference.

I was hit by a victim.

  • If the product has not been sent, and if the fake brand has been sent, please consult with the police station along with the documentation that you know of the product interaction as soon as possible.
  • If you have made an account transfer or credit card, please contact the relevant financial institution or credit card.
  • If you have registered your mail address password as user information, change your password immediately.
  • If you have discovered a fake site or a possible site, please contact the police.

Please beware of fake Ginzo

Recently an imitation Ginzo website is found to be our our store has been found on the Internet.
This unauthorized site will be used to impress the images and the images and address to impoor online shop.
All related contents are used on this site without the permission of Ginzo Co.
Please be the "this site" is the official corporate website (www.ginzo.jp) and is in no official corporate website (www.ginzo.jp) and is in no way
Please not purchase or expose your personal information or credit card information.
The intent of those behind the fake sites are often to get you to divulge personal information, they can use to steal from you or commit identity.

Please contact us, if you spot any, you are to be in the anus of that.
[TEL] 03-5919-4545
[MAIL] h-toiawase@ginzo.jp

Common characteristics of fake

  • Items are in an an outrageously price (such as as 80 % off)
  • Fake Shippas as the Foreign Sevait
  • Uses free mail servers as contact information.
  • Bank information under a
  • Has a spell or an unnatural Japanese (ex. 3 or 5 days in Free shipping)
  • (Please note that the characteristics are only a case of a fake website).
  • How to watch out for fraudsters

    • Please search the name of the company on google and other search engines. Check the store information meeting if the information on every site you are found 100 %.
    • If there is a phone number, test call the phone number.
    • Use antivirus software to check the website's safety level.
    • Check if the Consumer Affairs Agency has the website blacklisted.

    If victimized

    • Please contact your local police with all truncation with you. If you paid with a credit card or bank transfer, please contact your call center to report your case.