About cash on delivery decline (rejection)

The text below is "hard to say", so some customers may find it uncomfortable.
 Unfortunately, not only are all customers who wish to pay by cash on delivery, but also bad customers who order products with a sham and refuse to receive them without a valid reason.
 Until now, our company has been responsible for all damages incurred in this case, but since it is no longer negligible, please note that we will do the following in the future.

 If you decline (refuse) to receive the item (s) sent by COD, the item (s) will be returned to the store.
 If you decline (decline) the receipt, shipping costs, cash-on-delivery fees, packaging materials, shipping time, and labor costs will damage the store.
 Therefore, if the goods are returned for any reason, such as refusal of cash on delivery or expiration of the storage expiration, without any justifiable reason, we will charge round-trip postage and cash on delivery fees, packing materials, and lost profits (5% of the product price). We will charge and pay.
 Please note that if you are unable to respond to your request, we will go into legal proceedings.
 In mail-order sales, it is deemed to be willing to purchase and pay for the item at the time of ordering, the mail-order sales law is enacted, and both parties are responsible for sales and purchasing.

Failure to pay the postage and cash-on-delivery charges caused by decline (refusal) of cash-on-delivery receipt

  1. I will take legal action.
     In that case, a simple trial will be conducted after sending the content proof mail, and the following expenses will be paid in addition to the round trip shipping fee, cash on delivery fee, packing materials, lost profit (5% of the product price).

     ● Administrative scrivener fee for issuing content certificate = about 5000 yen
     ● Contents certificate issuance fee = about 800 yen
     ● Expenses such as simple trial fees and simple defense fees = about 30,000 yen
  2. If it is determined to be malicious, there is a possibility of false countermeasure business obstruction and point fraud (fraud crime), so we will report to the police.

     ● Counterfeiting business obstruction will result in "imprisonment of up to three years or a fine of 300,000 yen or less".