Omega Omega Seamaster Professional 2254.50 Men SS Watch Automatic Wound Black Table A-Rank Used Sinkjo

Article number: 800000089977000

¥220,000 (税込)
Full-scale diver watch "Seamaster" who has a thick trust from the product
The picture that makes the waves appear in the black letter that reminiscent of deep sea
Even though there is a simple and serious feeling, it is considered that the visibility is also considered comfortably.
Not only the sea area but also the suit style is also matched, and it can be active regardless of the application and style.

Model number 2254.50
size Case horizontal: about 41mm arm around: about 17.5 cm
accessories In-house warranty

Character: Black

Material Ss
Explanation Calendar Type: Date Display Movement: Automatic Wound

Waterproof: 300m type: Men's

State rank
Used A
Beauty products. It is a second-hand product, but a good product with fine damage.
Exterior state Our designated repair commissioner is shaved.
There is a slight growth in the breath, and the fine slicks is a little, and slicks slicks slicks, Lizzel slice, slicks, and slightly slicks, and slightly slightly piles.
Interior Overhaul (cleanly cleaned) with our own designated repair commissioner.

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