TAG HEUER Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 11SAW211E Men's SS/Leather Watch Automatic Green Dial A Rank Used Ginzo

Article number: 800000090522000

¥600,000 (税込)
"Monaco" represents TAG Heuer equipped with the world's first square waterproof case watch
The classical appearance is an elegant impression while changing modernly without breaking the basic details.
While enjoying the elaborate making of the machine clock with the back skate specifications, it is a luxurious one that shows the high quality and strength of the brand.
This is a stylish design with a green color and a red color.

Model Number CAW211E
Size Case width: Approx. 38mm Case length: Approx. 39mm Arm around: Total length about 20cm
Accessories Boxes, in-house warranty
Guarantee (as described in February 2018)

Dial: Green

Material SS/Leather
Description Calendar Type: Date Display Movement: Self-Winding Display Type: Chronograph

Waterproof: 100m Type: Men's
See-through back (back skeleton)
Belt: Green / Red

Status rank
Used A
A beautiful article. It is a used article, but it is a product with good condition with a fine damage degree.
Exterior condition The exterior has been polished in-house or by our designated repair contractor.
There is a feeling of use such as a hit in the belt, and there is a slight slitchy on the crown, a little slitching on the bezel, and a slightly more queas in the windshield.
Interior It has been maintained (inspected and adjusted) by our company or our designated repair contractor.

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