ROLEX Rolex Datejust 10P Diamond 69173G Ladies YG/SS Watch Automatic Winding Champagne Dial A Rank Used Ginzo

Article number: 800000090528000

¥520,000 (税込)
A combination model with a standard popular gold among Ladies Day Just.
We work in various scenes such as off and party scenes!
The date just mechanism whose date is switched instantly instantaneously to the boundary of the 3 o'clock is one of the three major inventions boasted by Rolex, and now the classic dresswatch synonyms.
This is a luxury type that arranged diamonds in the index.

Model number 69173g
Serial Sth (around 1993)
size Case horizontal: about 26mm arm around: about 15 cm
accessories Uto box, own guarantee
Guarantee (Yes of February 1995)

Characters: Champagne

Material YG / SS
Explanation Calendar Type: Date Display Movement: Automatic Wound

Waterproof: 100m Type: Women
· 10P diamond

State rank
Used A
Beauty products. It is a second-hand product, but a good product with fine damage.
Exterior state Our designated repair commissioner is shaved.
There are slight growth in the breath, the back lid and the bezel are slightly slightly piled up, and a slight pills, and a slight dirt inside, and there is a slight thread in the night light and a little bit, and Luze.
Interior Overhaul (cleanly cleaned) with our own designated repair commissioner.

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