ROLEX Rolex Day-Date 10P Diamond 18308A Men's YG/Diamond Watch Automatic Champagne Dial A Rank Used Ginzo

Article number: 800000090532000

¥1,700,000 (税込)
Rolex's best dress watch with day display at 12 o'm
This is a luxurious one that uses yellow gold and has a smooth feel that blends into the skin.
The compatibility with the champagne dial is also elegantly summarized overall, and the shine of the diamond adds luxury!
The weight-filled day-date is a classic design loved by a wide range of age groups.

Model Number 18308A
Serial Number E (circa 1990-1991)
Size Case side: About 36mm Arm circumference: About 15cm
Accessories In-house warranty

Dial: Champagne

Material YG/Diamond
Description Calendar type: Date, Day of the week Movement: Self-winding

Waterproof: 100m Type: Men's
10P diamond

Status rank
Used A
A beautiful article. It is a used article, but it is a product with good condition with a fine damage degree.
Exterior condition The exterior has been polished in-house or by our designated repair contractor.
It extends to the breath, there are some small skins and a pinch on the inside, a little thin thread on the back cover, a thread in the crown, and a yake in the night light.
Interior It has been maintained (inspected and adjusted) by our company or our designated repair contractor.

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