Saint Laurent Sun Laurent Red 314252 Unisex Curf Tote Bag AB Rank Used Silgrin

Article number: 800000090877000

¥52,800 (税込)
Simple Sun Laurent Tote Bag.
It is a design without pockets, but a pouch comes with a pouch and can be organized with accessories that have different sights in the bag.

Model number 314252
size Width: about 38.5 cm (bottom) height: about 30 cm depth: about 17 cm shoulder: about 41 cm
accessories Save bag, porch
color Red
Material Calf
State rank
Used AB
Good degree. Common second-hand goods are the feeling of use, scratches, dirt, etc., but it is a good product.
Exterior state There is a slight feeling of wrinkles, slightly stains, and there is a feeling of use slightly.
· Pouch: Sure and wrinkles are slightly.
Interior There is a thread or dirty.
· Pouch: Slippery and dirt are slightly.

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