GUCCI Gucci Bamboo 2WAY Bag Tea Ladies Calf / Bamboo Handbag A Rank Used Ginzo

Article number: 800000090878000

¥79,200 (税込)
A bamboo handle 2WAY handbag that is also an icon product of Gucci.
Calf and bamboo,The design that the different materials are splendidly fused is unique to a high brand!
It is an excellent bag that can be used for both casual and elegant styles.

Size Width: About 26.5cm (maximum) Height: About 17.5cm Depth: About 8cm Shoulder: About 101cm
Accessories Mirror
Shoulder strap (with wrinkles and habit)
Color Tea
Material Calf/Bamboo
Description Retractable: Turn lock inner pocket 1: Open pocket 1
Inner pocket 2: Fastener pocket 1
Inner Pocket 3: Button Snap Pocket 1
Status rank
Used A
A beautiful article. It is a used article, but it is a product with good condition with a fine damage degree.
Exterior condition There is some thread and dingy dirt, and there are a few wrinkles and push marks.
※ Bamboo part has a baboon that seems to be unique to the material.
Interior There is a slight thread, a push mark, a little kiz, and a little feeling of use in the pocket.

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