Bottegaveneta Bottega Veneta Intrechatrat Light Brown 131597 V3050 6301 Women's Curf One Shoulder Bag AB Rank Used Silgrin

Article number: 800000091027000

¥22,000 (税込)
A one-shoulder bag that is rounded to a rounded form than Bottega Veneta.
The intimate of the brand is covered by the intensive care.
The interior is divided into two layers, mainly for fastener pockets, and luggage arrangement is easy to make.

Model number 131597 V3050 6301
size Width: about 40 cm (Max) height: about 21 cm Depth: Approx 31cm (Max) Shoulder: Approx 40 cm
accessories storage bags
color Light brown system
Material Calf
Explanation Inside Pocket 1: Fastener Pocket 1
State rank
Used AB
Good degree. Common second-hand goods are the feeling of use, scratches, dirt, etc., but it is a good product.
Exterior state There is a slight feeling of blackness, slightly stains, and there is a slight feeling of use in the holder and yoles.
Interior Sure, a little yore, fluffy, pen trace, etc. There is dirt.

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