Damiani Damiani Belle Époc XS Unisex K18PG/Diamond Necklace A Rank Used Ginzo

Article number: 800000091100000

¥370,000 (税込)
Jeweler Damiani's Belle Époc cross necklace representing Italy.
XS size combining feminine pink gold with diamonds that shine neatly.
It is a necklace that attaches a gorgeousness to the chest and releases a timeless charm.

Reference list price 513,700 YEN
Size Top (large): Approx. W15×H19mm (small) Approx. W6×H15mm
Chain: Approx. 42, 50 cm (2 stages long)
Accessories Box, Guarantee
Material K18PG/Diamond
Description Weight: 7.4g Diamond: -ct
Status rank
Used A
A beautiful article. It is a used article, but it is a product with good condition with a fine damage degree.
State Accessories : Color change : Medium
Exterior condition We perform new finishes (polishing) at suppliers.
Interior -

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