HERMES Hermes Else Watch Ladies GP/ leather watch GP/leather. CowsGold. AB: AB. Chushoginzo.

Article number: 800000091185000

¥60,000 (税込)
Hermès' popular model "Kelly Watch" with cadena (padlock) as it is
A design that feels practicality and playfulness that can be learned not only as a watch but also in the sense of accessories.
The cadena part is removable, so you can use it as a charm.

Size Case width: About 20mm Case length: About 20mm Arm circumference: About 13. 5-16cm Cadena Length Max: Approx. 37mm
Guarantee (December 1994)

Dial: Gold

Material GP/Leather
Description Movement: Quartz

Waterproof: Non-waterproof Type: Ladies
Belt: Brown / ○X stamp (circa 1994)

Status rank
Used AB
Good degree. It is a general used article, and there is a feeling of use, scratches, dirt, etc. in the details, but it is a good product to some extent.
Exterior condition There is a pickpocket in the GP part, and there is a slight kiz in the windshield and a little feeling of use such as blackening on the belt.
Interior Maintenance (inspection and adjustment) batteries have been replaced by our company or our designated repair contractor.

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