GUCCI Gucci Bamboo 2WAY Mini Bag Vintage Green Women's Suede Handbag B Rank Used Sinkjo

Article number: 800000091216000

¥55,000 (税込)
Gucci Icon Product Bamboo Handle 2way Mini Bag.
This is a suede material, the shoulder is a chain specification in a designed design.
Different materials such as Bamboo (bamboo) are a clear fusion and it is an item unique to hybrand.

size Width: about 17.5 cm (Max) height: about 13 cm (Max) depth: Approximately 4.5 cm Shoulder: Approx 130 cm
accessories None
color Green
Material suede
Explanation Inside pocket 1: Open pocket 1
State rank
Used B
General public use. It is a product with damage such as scratches and dirt that is a so-called second-hand goods.
Exterior state There is a thread, crushing, bald, fluffy and dirt.
※ There is a brachy of bamboo material.
Interior The feeling of use, dirt, thread, and slightly tearing, dirt, thread, and pocket spreads.

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