CHANEL Chanel Coco Mark 2way bag border 紺 Ladies denim tote bag A rank used sinkjo

Article number: 800000091257000

¥220,000 (税込)
2WAY tote bag of denim material designed by Coco Mark and Border of Chanel.
It is partitioned in the zipper pocket in the center, and the A4 size is perfect, so it is good for commuting and attending school.
It can be used according to the mood of the day with 2 WAY type.

size Width: about 31.5 cm Height: about 24 cm depth: about 15 cm (bottom) handle: about 23.5 cm Shoulder: Approx 73 cm
accessories Guarantee
color Navy blue
Material Denim
Explanation Pocket 1: Fastener Pocket 2
Pocket 2: Open Pocket 1
State rank
Used A
Beauty products. It is a second-hand product, but a good product with fine damage.
Exterior state Suddenly, the feeling, the slight soil, the handle and the shoulder are slightly slightly, and there is a slight thread in the bottom.
Interior There is a slight dirt including in the pocket, and there is a slight thread in fastener.

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