Gergera Geneva retro fantasy blue g3487.7 boys SS / leather watch automatic

Article number: 800000095455000

¥500,000 (税込)
The brand that watch designer Gerald jenta has the name of "Picasso of the clock world".
This is a retro fantasy that is only allowed by Disney watches. Mickey's hand moves.

Model number G3487.7
Size Case: about 39 mm around arm
Accessories Box galleries
Change belt

Bing Web: white shell

Belt black

Material Leather / SS
Explanation Movement: automatic belt color: Black

Daily life waterproof type: Boys
Belt: Black
* current operation confirmed *
As for the repair, it becomes a manufacturer correspondence, and it becomes a high price repair price.
We can't respond to repair and repair.
Please consider it as a collection item.

State rank
A used article a
Beautiful goods. It is a good product with fine damage degree.
Exterior condition There are some dirt and some dirt on the belt, bezel and the back lid slightly sour, and there is a little bit in the night light.
Interior Maintenance or inspection (maintenance and adjustment) is done by our company or our designated repair contractor.
Inventory store A net sale shop

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