Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Episaculo Rose Balleline Silver Bracket M54155 Women's Epireser Shoulder Bag New Sanko

Article number: 800000095528000

¥165,000 (税込)

The stock is1Only one

Front of the front and side fringe charms for the point Shoulder bag "Sunkulu"
A pink color is pretty design in a rounded form.
There is enough capacity to get a little luggage, and recommended for a holiday bag on one rank.
Epi lines of elegant impression are even more attractive bags.

Comparative price 219240 yen
Model number M54155
Cereal FL1137
size Width: about 23 cm (Max) height: about 19 cm Depth: Approx 7.5cm Shoulder: Approx 120 cm (Max)
accessories storage bags
colour Rose Balleline x Silver bracket
material Epireazer
explanation Opening and closing type: Flap pocket 1: Open pocket 1
Inside Pocket 1: Open Pocket 1
State rank
New article like new
almost unused. It is a new product similar to unused products for several times.
Exterior state It is a good condition that does not stand out.
Interior There is a little bit in the pocket.
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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