Hermes Hermes H Belt Buckle Unisex K18WG / Diamond Belt A-Rank Used Silgrin

Article number: 800000095642000

¥600,000 (税込)
Standard popular item of Hermes "H belt"
A buckle with impressive and presence in which the diamond is embedded!
※ This is a buckle only exhibition. Please use the belt that matches the size and shape.

size Buckle: About W4.7 x H2.9cm Through Hole: About W 0.7 × H 2.9 cm
accessories none
material K18WG / Diamond
explanation Weight: 39.6 g
State rank
Used goods a
Beauty products. It is a good product that is a second-hand item but fine damage.
Exterior state There is a slight sense of slickies, slightly colored.
※ It is a product for AB rank from normal A rank.
Interior -
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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