Hermes Hermes Agenda GM Blue Paradise T Engraved (around 2015) Unisex Voepson Notebook Cover A-rank used Silgrin

Article number: 800000096106000

¥19,800 (税込)
Hermes Simple Notebook Cover "Agenda"
It is a luxurious elegant impression, so it is a match for business and business!
As high quality leather items will be as unique enough to use,
It is recommended for those who want to use one thing for a long time.

Comparative price ¥ 52800
Stamp T-engraving (around 2015)
size Width: about 13 cm Height: about 9.5 cm
accessories none
colour Blue Paradise
material Voepson
explanation Open pocket: 2 places
State rank
Used goods a
Beauty products. It is a good product that is a second-hand item but fine damage.
Exterior state There is a little bit tight, dirty dirt, and slightly thread.
Interior There is slightly dirty.
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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