Hermes Hermes Bolid Secret ethane (Gray) Silver Bracket X Engraved (around 2016) Women's Evergolor Handbags AB Rank Used Sinkjo

Article number: 800000096247000

¥484,000 (税込)

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Handbags and volies with few fasteners in Hermes.
A rounded bag form is a feminine feminine impression.
This is "Bolid Secret" with storage space in the bottom
As it is an item with less arrival in our shop, if you are looking for early!

Stamp X engraving (around 2016)
size Width: about 23.5 cm (bottom) height: about 26 cm Depth: about 10 cm Handle: about 27 cm
accessories Cadena, Crochat (Kogyo)
colour Ethane (gray) × silver bracket
material Ever color
explanation Opening and closing ceremony: Fastener Outside Pocket 1: Fastener Pocket 1
Pocket 1: Open Pocket 2
State rank
Used AB
Good degree. Common second-hand goods are the feeling of use, scratches, dirt, etc., but it is a good product.
Exterior state There is a slightly crushed and slight thread in Koba and the handle, the bottom part, and the bottom of the bottom.
Interior There is a slight thread and a slight stain, and a slight swing and thread.
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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