Hermes Hermes Bolid Relax 40 Volve (Tea) Silver Bracket T Engraved (around 2015) Unisex Vasicum Handbags A-rank used Silgrin

Article number: 800000096408000

¥396,000 (税込)
Borade relaxing with a soft texture and soft texture.
Form and makeup are volied, but shoulder straps do not come with,
The opening opens a larger than normal bolid and making it easier to out.
Also, the entire bag is stitched with the body and the same color and white stitch and fashionable design.

Stamp T-engraving (around 2015)
size Width: about 40 cm Height: about 31 cm depth: about 16.5 cm
accessories Save bag, Cadena, Crocet (Kogi), Rainy
colour Fold (tea) × silver bracket
material Voissicum
explanation Opening and closing ceremony: Fastener Pocket 1: Open Pocket 3
State rank
Used goods a
Beauty products. It is a good product that is a second-hand item but fine damage.
Exterior state I'm slimming, wrinkled, thin thread on the surface, pushed out to the bottom, and I am sloppy to the holder, black and thread.
※ Relaxing-specific Sikkim Material is a very soft material.
Interior Light thread is slightly slightly slightly in the leather part.
Inventory store Shinsaibashi Honpan

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