Bvlgari ergo egg35s Mens SS Watch automatic Retro Black Dial

Article number: 802500035172000

¥90,000 (税込)
Even though it is a unique design but Bulgari's elegance and elgon who do not lose their elegance
Design to fit the arm with a name derived from ergonomics (ergonomics).
Not only designability such as high visibility dial, but also a model that combines a calendar.
Because it fits the suit, it can be used on and off.

Model number EG35S
size Case horizontal: about 35mm arm around: about 17.5 cm
accessories None

Character: Black

Material Ss
Explanation Calendar Type: Date Display Movement: Automatic Wound

Waterproof: Daily life waterproof type: Men's

State rank
Used A
Beauty products. It is a second-hand product, but a good product with fine damage.
Exterior state Our designated repair commissioner is shaved.
There is a slight growth in the breath, slightly slightly small, slight scratches, slightly small scratches, and a slight corrosion of the needle.
Interior Maintenance (inspection and adjustment) has been maintained (inspected and adjusted) at our own designated repair commissioner.

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