Louis Vuitton Monogram eclipse Mini pochette axe sooter brown m60125 ladies Monogram canvas accessories pouch a

Article number: 802500036003000

¥110,000 (税込)
2009-2010 collection Monogram eclipse accessories pouch "mini poppy accessories".
It is an elegant finish which is made by repeating the spangle of the sequel to the standard Monogram line♪
It is active in various scenes because the beauty of gold reflects.

Model number M60125
Serial As 3059
Size Width: about 14.5cm height: about 9.5 cm
Accessories Storage bag
Color Brown
Material Monogram canvas
State rank
A used article a
Beautiful goods. It is a good product with fine damage degree.
Exterior condition There is a slight thread of metal fittings.
Interior -

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