Hermes Hermes Twilley Etriers Remix / Limix White / Blue / Yellow Women's Silk 100% Scarf New Silgrin

Article number: 802500038127000

¥23,100 (税込)
High Popular Hermes Scarf "Twilley"
You can attach to clothes and bags or use it for accents.
It is a masterpiece that spreads in individuality depending on the arrangement♪
This is "ETRIERS REMIX / 鐙 / remix" of design where 鐙 and plants are intertwined

size Width: about 5 cm Height: about 85 cm
accessories Box
colour White / blue / yellow
material 100% silk
State rank
New n
Brand new. It is an unused state (unused item) that wounds and threads etc. can not confirm. (Exhibition new items also included)
Exterior state There is a slightly seated pussy, but it is a new product that does not stand out.
As we are selling over-the-counter, please consider the exhibition new.
Interior -
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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