Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Monogram Santoule Care Size 75cm Brown Gold Bracket Men's Monogram Canvas Belt B Rank Used Silgrin

Article number: 802500038331000

¥19,800 (税込)
Simple Design Monogram Belt "Santur Care"
It is also stylish and not only casual style, but it is also perfect for suit.
It is a tired of getting tired, so I can use it for a long time.

Cereal LB0073
size Belt Width: about 2.8cm Shortest West: Approximately 69cm Language West: about 81.5 cm Count: 5
accessories none
colour Brown × Gold bracket
material Monogram canvas
State rank
Used B
General public use. It is a product with damage such as scratches and dirt which is a so-called second-hand goods.
Exterior state Distortion, tekari, inside, stains, black waste, and slightly with the belt holes, there is Slixis in the bracket part.
Interior -
Inventory store Shinsaibashi Honpan

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