GUCCI Gucci GG Pattern Outlet West Bag Belt Bag Beige / Dark Brown 449174 Ladies GG Canvas Body Bag Unused Silgrin

Article number: 804000116996000

¥55,000 (税込)
Gucci's founder Guccio Gucci's initials, GG bodybags that weave GG.
I feel the pride of a historic brand in his orasodox design that you can use regardless of age.
Here is the square form, a stick body bag / belt bag.
It is an item with a sense of gucci with a good capacity that is not too small and not too small.

Model number 449174
size Width: about 22 cm (bottom) Height: about 14.5 cm Depth: Approximately 5 cm Shoulder: Approximately 93 cm (Max)
accessories storage bags
color Beige / Dark Brown
Material GG canvas
Explanation Opening and closing ceremony: Pocket in zipper 1: Open pocket 1
State rank
Unused NS
unused. It is an exhibition unused item that is not used and there is no noticeable scratch or thread.
Exterior state It is an unused item that does not stand out, especially.
As we are selling over-the-counter sales, please consider the exhibition unused item.
Interior ※ There is an outlet stamp.

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