Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Plan Soray Yukaba PM Tote Bag Rugugern Dyne M94146 Women's Canvas Handbags AB Rank Used Sinkjo

Article number: 804000118135000

¥79,200 (税込)
Spring / Summer 2012 Collection "Plansore Ue Kaba"
Simple design but LV logo work well and produce cuteness.
Because it is a tote type, it is easy to use capacity, and it is also attractive that it is easy to adjust the machi width!
The capacity is light and light and directed to daily use.

Model number M94146
Cereal FO0172
size Width: about 30 cm (bottom) Height: Approximately 27.5 cm Depth: about 16 cm Handle: Approx 58 cm
accessories none
colour Rujugul Nadine
material Canvas
explanation Opening and closing ceremony: hook bracket pocket 1: zipper pocket 1
State rank
Used AB
Good degree. Common second-hand goods are the feeling of use, scratches, dirt, etc., but it is a good product.
Exterior state There is a slight break in the opening and closing of the snap button, a slight break, a slight break, and a slight feeling of the snap button, and there is a slight feeling of use.
Interior There is a slight thread in the thread, thin dirt and bracket part.
Inventory store Ichikyu 2nd store

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