BALENCIAGA Valesiaga Triangle Duckle XS Black 5272 Unsex Reza, 2WAY Bag A Rank Used Ginzō

Article number: 805000936728000

¥70,400 (税込)
Valenciaga has a calf as its name, and the triangle foldles are the 'triangle daffle'.
I was inspired by a ski boog bag, inspired by design,
It's a beautiful, simple, edge-efficacied form of Valenciaga.
You can change depending on the handle, the shoulder, the shoulder, and the mood, and the width of the coatinate is spread.

mold 527272
Size Width: Approximate 28cm (maximum) height: approximately 16.5 cm deep: approx. 6.5cm sholder: Approximate 12 cm.
accessory Retention bag, shoulder straps
Color black
Materials Leather
Explanation Open/Closed: Double Fastener Internal Pocket 1: Open Pocket 1
State Rank
Used goods A
Beauty.It's a good one, but it's a good product with a small amount of damage.
Exterior state A little crushed, there was a little slet in the cobba.
interior decoration There are joles, shiva, little sails, trails, and a few black squirt.

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