HERMES Hermes H.o Carré Reversible Size 85 Black/Blue Gold Clasp Y-Engraved (circa 2020) Men's Togo Vaux 135 Belt New Ginzo

Article number: 805000936769000

¥99,000 (税込)
The impressive H buckle is the point, and the simple and tireless design can be used habitually for a long time.
Because it is a reversible type that can easily change the color is different in the inside and out,
It's okay to switch between business scenes, off casual attire and on and off.

Reference list price 116,600 yen
Stamped Y-engraved (circa 2020)
Size Belt width: Approx. 3cm Minimum waist: Approx. 82.5cm Longest waist: Approx. 87.5cm Number of holes: 3
Accessories Box
Color Black/Blue × Gold Fittings
Material Togo Vaux 135
Status rank
New N
New. Unused state (unused product) that can not be confirmed scratches and slees. (Including new exhibits)
Exterior condition There is a slight thread, but it is new without damage that is particularly noticeable. Because we sell it in the store, please think that it is a new exhibition.
Interior -

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