Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Verni Lead PM Pelle M91336 Women's Monogram Verni Handbag B Rank Used Sinkjo

Article number: 805000938236000

¥16,500 (税込)
A popular Siles Vernilain with a wolf, a glossy monogram pattern.
This is a handbag lead pm with a sense of cute size.
Because it is a small size, it is perfect for dating and meals.

Comparative price 90300 yen
Model number M91336
Cereal Th1015
size Width: about 22 cm (bottom) height: about 17.5 cm depth: about 10 cm
accessories none
colour Perre
material Monogramverni
explanation Inside Pocket 1: Fastener Pocket 1
State rank
Used B
General public use. It is a product with damage such as scratches and dirt which is a so-called second-hand goods.
Exterior state Yake is noticeable, a little bit, there are some threads and dirt, and there is a feeling of use for the handle.
Interior Slightly threaded, dirty, and a little usability in the Nume leather part, there is a pill of the Verni part.
Inventory store Internet dealer

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