Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Damier Azul Portecalt Semipler Pass Case Rose Balleline N60286 Women's Damier Azul Canvas Card Case A-Rank Used Sinkjo

Article number: 805000938259000

¥22,000 (税込)
Compact Size Simple Card Case "Port Cartes Sample"
There are three pockets, Slim, but functional beat!
Since I enter a suit or bag pocket, I will be active in commuting and attending school.
This is a pretty item combining pink color leather.

Comparative price ¥ 26400
Model number N60286
Cereal CA0261
size Width: about 10.5 cm Height: about 7 cm
accessories storage bags
colour Rose Valerine
material Damier Azul Canvas
explanation Card pocket: 3 places
State rank
Used goods a
Beauty products. It is a good product that is a second-hand item but fine damage.
Exterior state There are some threads and dirt.
Interior There is slightly dirty.
Inventory store Internet dealer

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