OMEGA Omega Constellation Blush 12P Diamond Ladies PG/SS Watch Quartz Shell Dial A Rank Used Ginzo

Article number: 808000610068000

¥280,000 (税込)
Omega's Constellation, which means constellation
The back cover is engraved with observatory reliefs and eight stars, and features a four-clawed bezel.
This is a combination model that combines feminine pink gold and stainless steel.
It is one that the diamond shines on the shell dial with a beautiful unique luster and a sense of luxury is beautiful.

Model Number
Size Case side: About 24mm Arm circumference: About 16.5cm
Accessories Boxes, in-house warranty
Guarantee (july 2015 listed)

Dial: Shell

Material PG/SS
Description Movement: Quartz

Waterproof: Daily Life Waterproof Type: Ladies
12P diamond

Status rank
Used A
A beautiful article. It is a used article, but it is a product with good condition with a fine damage degree.
State Accessories : Feeling of use : Medium
Exterior condition The exterior has been polished in-house or by our designated repair contractor.
The breath extends slightly, there is a slight thread, there is a slight thread on the back cover, a feeling of yake in the night light, and a part like a slightly chiding on the dial.
Interior Maintenance (inspection and adjustment) batteries have been replaced by our company or our designated repair contractor.

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