LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Monogram Hippo Piano Brown M51148 Unisex Monogram Canvas Tote Bag B Rank Used Ginzo

Article number: 808000610680000

¥49,500 (税込)
Simple design "Kaba Piano" popular as a daily back
It is compact but B5 size is sideways and there are storage capacity, so it is also perfect for people with lots of luggage.
I want a Viton bag for Daily Youth! It is recommended for those thinking♪

Comparative price 120,750 yen
Model number M51148
Cereal VI0051
size Width: about 27 cm (bottom) height: about 23 cm Depth: Approx 12 cm Handle: Approx 55 cm
accessories none
colour Brown
material Monogram canvas
explanation Opening and closing ceremony: Pocket in zipper 1: Fastener pocket 1
Pocket 2: Open Pocket 1
State rank
Used B
General public use. It is a product with damage such as scratches and dirt which is a so-called second-hand goods.
Exterior state It is a slight feeling of use, such as black trace, tekali, thread, dazzling, and nume leather. There is a feeling of use such as a color bald for the bracket.
Interior Sure, thin dirty, bracket, slightly thread and pocket part, and there is a slight looseness of stitching, and there is a slight feeling of use in Nume leather.
※ It will be odious like aromatic agents.
Inventory store Internet dealer

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