Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti Khaki M92191 Women's Monogram Canvas Accessory Pouch A-Rank Used Silgrin

Article number: 810000113773000

¥115,500 (税込)
"Monogram Graffiti" with Graffiti (graffiti) on traditional monogram canvas
The logo is boldly painted with a novel and fresh image, and the unprecedented production is cool!
You can use your back or use it as a subback.
It is still a popular item that Steven Spraus and Mark Jacobs collaborated♪

Model number M92191
Serial AR0051
size Width: about 21 cm Height: about 13 cm Machi: about 4 cm
accessories storage bags
color khaki
Material Monogram canvas
Explanation Opening and closing ceremony: fastener
State rank
Used A
Beauty products. It is a second-hand product, but a good product with fine damage.
Exterior state Suddenly, a bit of use, a bit of use in the bracket part, and a feeling of use in the Nume leather part.
Interior There is a little thread and dirty.
※ We will do odor like dust.

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