Louis Vuitton Monogram game on speedy band Rio 30 brown m57451 Unisex Monogram canvas Handbag NEW

Article number: 810000113819000

¥275,000 (税込)
Flower band "speedy band rip 30"
The speedy made as a travel back is so wide and simple design with no extra decoration, so it is packed with luggage.
It is a very convenient bag even if it has a strap.

Reference price 295900 yen
Model number M57451
Serial Mb4210
Size Width: about 30cm height: About 21.5 cm depth: About 17cm shoulder: About 124 cm (maximum)
Accessories Bag, shoulder strap, paddle lock
Color Brown
Material Monogram canvas
Explanation Double zipper pocket 1: zipper pocket 1
State rank
New product s
Close to unused. It is a product similar to a new product close to unused goods at several times.
Exterior condition It is a good condition that there is not a noticeable damage especially in a shoulder strap and a nume leather part.
Interior There are some dirt and thin dirt.

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