NIKE Nike Sockdart 26.0cm Grey 819686-002 Men's Sneakers Unused Ginzo

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Nike is a world-renowned sports brand.
Sockdart is a sneaker with a comfortable design that feels like socks and can be worn without socks.

* Please check the photos and the contents of the description, and after understanding, please complete the purchase procedure.
We do not accept returns due to image differences, size differences, etc.

Model Number 819686-002
Size Length: About 29cm JP Shoe size: About 26 US Shoe size: About 8 Shoes width: About 11cm
※ Size may vary depending on the brand and design, so please think about it as a guide to the last. Depending on the product, the width and instep are made narrowly. If you are interested, please contact us directly or at the brand boutique in advance.
Accessories Box
Color Gray
Status rank
Unused NS
Unused. It is not used, and it is an exhibition unused article without conspicuous scratches and threading.
Exterior condition It is an unused item on display without particularly noticeable damage.
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